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  1. Singapore first Type218SG submarine

    Commentary: Meet the Republic of Singapore Navy’s new poison shrimp. They even call it 'Invincible'

    But the proliferation of these capabilities in Asia suggests it’s also time to review the safety rules of the game, an effort the city-state ...
  2. Singapore first Type218SG submarine

    Made for Singapore: First of four custom-built RSN submarines launched in Germany

  3. ADF and SAF troops

    Rough seas affect Exercise Trident ship-to-shore element but are 'not a showstopper', says Heng Chee How

  4. Exercise Trident beach drill

    SAF troops rehearse for Exercise Trident finale amid challenging conditions

  5. Exercise Wallaby Heli evacuation simulation Nov 6

    New safety measures for armoured training implemented at Exercise Wallaby