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  1. Singapore healthcare workers

    Salary increase of up to 14% for nurses in public healthcare sector

    Other workers in the sector like allied health professionals and pharmacists will receive an increase of 3% to 7% in their monthly base salaries.
  2. Nursing is inherently a very demanding profession entailing long hours and overnight schedules.

    Commentary: Paying nurses more is long overdue but they need clearer professional ladders too

    Yes, they deserve more money but nurses are still seen as “handmaidens” to doctors and this mindset has to change, says Dr Jeremy Lim of the Saw ...
  3. Workers at Raffles Place - crop plastic bag guy out of pic on request

    Commentary: Even in a recession, lowballing job seekers is not only poor form but also poor strategy

    It’s understandable that employers in a crisis offer lower salaries, but those who go overboard risk tarnishing their reputations and losing ...
  4. TP ep 30 - moonlighting maids
    Media playtime

    Ep 30: Why Is My Helper Moonlighting?

    Have you ever wondered what your helper is doing on her off day? In this episode of Talking Point, Steven Chia investigates the illegal side ...
  5. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Singapore

    Commentary: Employers who lowball jobseekers based on last-drawn salaries are shooting themselves in the foot

    Asking for a candidate’s last-drawn salary may not be a crime, but misusing the information is a crime against your own business, says ...
  6. Why do we still keep schtum about our salaries?

    Commentary: Why are our salaries still a sensitive topic?

    Talking about our salaries with our peers still seems awkward and uncomfortable, Financial Times' Jo Ellison points out.
  7. Singapore workers-raffles

    Commentary: Should you get to decide what you are paid?

    Publishing employees salaries, or allowing people to set their own wages, offers intriguing insights into what motivates us at work, says the ...