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  1. Sammi Cheng first concert after scandal

    Sammi Cheng gets emotional at first concert after husband Andy Hui’s cheating scandal

    The singer burst into tears during her Hong Kong show before launching into new single This Is How We Grew Up.
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    It’s 'blue' skies ahead for Sammi Cheng, weeks after husband Andy Hui’s cheating scandal

    “I don’t have any magic powers. This is a journey I have to embark on. Time and space is what the parties involved need the most.”
  3. Sammi Cheng

    'Don't give up on your other half': Sammi Cheng breaks silence after husband caught cheating

    The Cantopop singer has also appealed to the media to stop requesting for interviews with her ageing parents.
  4. Andy Hui Sammi Cheng

    Andy Hui apologises for cheating on Sammi Cheng with TVB starlet

    'I am a damaged person', Hui said at a press conference.
  5. SAMMI_CHENG (1280x720)

    'You can find strength at any age': Sammi Cheng opens up about life, movies and her Instagram feed

    How does the Hong Kong superstar remain at the top of her game? CNA Lifestyle sat down for a chat with Sammi Cheng, who was in town for the ...
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    Telling Asian stories to global audiences

    The Singapore Media Festival 2018 features a star-studded slate of international creatives like Nas Daily and Sammi Cheng