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  1. Buses shuttle travellers to checkpoints at the border between Hong Kong and mainland China

    Family or job? Tough decisions for Hong Kong border commuters

    Waiting at a bus stop on Hong Kong's border with mainland China, Billy Yiu was preparing to say goodbye to his wife and baby, unsure when he might ...
  2. Residents wearing masks and raincoats volunteer to take temperature of passengers following the out

    Commentary: Are we overreacting to the novel coronavirus?

    When it comes to infectious disease epidemics, we have a strong tendency to overreact emotionally and underreact behaviourally, says an expert.
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    Novel coronavirus – the search for a cure (and a name experts can agree on) intensifies

    On Feb 4, Singapore confirmed its first locally transmitted cases of the novel coronavirus, which has so far sickened over 24,000 people and ...
  4. Volunteers in protective suits disinfect a railway station as the country is hit by an outbreak of

    Commentary: Hot and humid weather may end the novel coronavirus – as well as the development of a vaccine

    Cases may fall sharply by May, when temperatures in China warm up, say Dr Jyoti Somani and Professor Paul Tambyah.
  5. Security personnel wearing masks walk along the Financial Street in central Beijing

    Commentary: Open communication and international partnerships needed to fight novel coronavirus

    The spread of the novel coronavirus will not stop without concerted action by national and international officials, says an observer.
  6. Wuhan is under strict quarantine, with flights and trains banned from leaving the city

    Commentary: How effective are mass quarantines in China in curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus?

    Mass quarantines may allay public fear and provide the illusion of intervention, but they cannot be considered an evidence-based practice, says an ...
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    Wuhan virus – The WHO, Singapore's infectious diseases authority and a global outbreak expert answer your burning questions

    The Wuhan coronavirus has infected close to 8,000 people, resulting in over 170 deaths. How is this outbreak different from SARS? Will it be an ...