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  1. Donald Trump and Xi Jinping

    Commentary: 'Villains' of American woes - Japan then, China now

    Back in the 1980s, Japan was portrayed as America’s greatest economic threat. Today’s that’s China, says Stephen S Roach.
  2. Man on a beach doing a handstand.

    Commentary: You can still retire at 40, even with a longer life expectancy

    And it doesn’t involve an onerous amount of savings, says one financial consultant.
  3. Budget 2018 file - elderly 3

    Commentary: Saving too little, starting too late, do we have enough for retirement?

    Many of us put off planning for our retirement until we’re in our forties but it doesn’t have to be an onerous chore, says one financial advisor.
  4. Singapore Trade Economy Money FILE AFP

    Commentary: Save for retirement? But we hate making financial decisions

    Research shows we avoid money matters, but there is a way to get around it, says a researcher at the University of Florida.
  5. CPF building generic

    Changes to CPF Act passed, lowering barriers to transfer funds to parents, grandparents

    With the changes, an additional 340,000 CPF members will be able to transfer funds from their CPF account to their parents and grandparents for ...