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  1. The US Federal Trade Commission said it has seen rising levels of fraud schemes linked to the

    Virus-linked fraud schemes cost US consumers nearly US$5 million

    Coronavirus-related fraud schemes are rising fast and have cost US consumers some $4.77 million so far, a government watchdog said Tuesday.
  2. FILE PHOTO: A pedestrian wearing a mask walks in Princes Street in Edinburgh

    COVID-19 fraud: UK victims lose US$1 million in scams

    Victims in the United Kingdom have lost more than 800,000 pounds (US$1 million) to coronavirus-linked scams since last month, with criminals ...
  3. Shark Tank judge Barbara Corcoran

    Shark Tank judge Barbara Corcoran loses more than S$500,000 in phishing scam

    The businesswoman and investor lost the money to scammers from China who used an email address similar to her assistant’s.
  4. Some of the fake gold items, money and will sold to the victim.
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    83-year-old businessman duped of S$120,000 in gold ingot scam | Video

    The police on Friday (Dec 20) advised the public to be wary of a scam involving the sale of fake gold ingots. This comes after an 83-year-old ...