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    Newron delays schizophrenia drug trial after FDA raises concerns

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    Indivior signs deal to sell schizophrenia drug in Canada

  3. Help those with depression

    Commentary: We still fail to understand that some people are more prone to mental illness

    Why so some people but not others contract mental illness? One Institute of Mental Health expert discusses triggers, stressors, traits and why our ...
  4. Depression

    Commentary: Schizophrenia, a life increasingly detached from reality

    Recovery from mental illness is a process of finding meaning and purpose in life, says one IMH peer support specialist who discusses her struggle ...
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    IMH patient jailed for kicking, stomping on fellow patient's head

    Eddie Lee, 33, kicked a fellow patient’s face and stomped on his head multiple times for about 10 seconds before IMH staff pulled him away.