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  1. A barber wears a protective mask as a preventive measure amid coronavirus fears, as he gives a hair

    Pakistan limits flights, shuts borders and schools over coronavirus

    Pakistan shut all its schools and land borders on Friday and decided to limit international flights and discourage large gatherings to try to halt ...
  2. On The Red Dot
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    Ep 33: My Parent, My Classmate - Back To School

    The fun begins as 4 parents join their kids for the first day back in primary school. But as they relive awkward ice-breakers and surprise tests, ...
  3. Singapore Sports School (Football)

    Commentary: The Singapore Sports School crushed Assumption Pathway 32-0. Nothing wrong with that

    Sports offer an ideal vehicle for some difficult lessons that young athletes could well benefit from, says Shamir Osman.
  4. primary school students

    Commentary: Parents need not fear getting ready for the first day of school

    Perhaps instead of stressing about the first day of school, parents should celebrate it, says Annie Tan.
  5. China primary school students (1)

    Commentary: Here’s what’s wrong with a homework curfew

    News of the Chinese government imposing a curfew on schoolchildren doing homework suggest disturbing, deep-seated issues which have parallels in ...
  6. Student writing on paper, getting work organised.

    Commentary: Should parents help their kids with homework?

    Under the right circumstances, homework help from parents is helpful, says University of Oklahoma’s Daniel Hamlin.