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  1. New Content Item

    Commentary: We now live in a ‘science fiction world'. We need to boost STEM education

    STEM education offers fresh hope for dealing with a ‘science-fiction’ world, says PSB Academy CEO Derrick Chang.
  2. The Universe And Art (Conrad Shawcross)

    Outer space, aliens, art: 3 reasons why ArtScience Museum’s new show is out of this world

    From Galileo’s telescope to a “Sexy Robot”, ArtScience Museum’s latest exhibition The Universe And Art is a fascinating look at how man has ...
  3. Tanscorp UU smart robot

    Robots show their 'personality' at CES tech show

    While robots have been around for years, advances in technology and artificial intelligence have allowed developers to give them traits that ...
  4. South Korea humanoid robot 2

    Avatar-style South Korean manned robot takes first baby steps

    A giant South Korean-built manned robot that walks like a human but makes the ground shake under its weight has taken its first baby steps.