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  1. A view shows a wildfire in a forest in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District

    Climate change helped drive Siberia's heat wave, scientists confirm

    Record-breaking heat in Siberia during the first half of this year would have been almost impossible without the influence of human-induced ...
  2. Solar Orbiter takes closest images of the Sun

    Solar probe reveals sun's tiny 'campfires' in closest-ever photos

    A solar probe built by the European Space Agency and NASA has delivered the closest photos ever taken of the sun's surface, revealing a landscape ...
  3. Looking for life on Mars...

    The quest to find signs of ancient life on Mars

    Mars may now be considered a barren, icy desert but did Earth's nearest neighbour once harbour life?
  4. FILE PHOTO: Scientists work in a lab testing COVID-19 samples at New York City's health depart

    Commentary: Controversies over COVID-19 research show the messy progress of science

    The scrutiny and subsequent retraction of papers on coronavirus drugs indicate that science is working, says an observer.
  5. Dogs, humans and in fact all mammals experience the same developmental timeline: birth, infancy,

    A dog's life: Scientists find new formula for canine age

    A well-known "rule of paw" holds that you can tell how old your pooch is in human terms by multiplying its age in years by seven.
  6. FILE PHOTO: Pigs are seen on a farm at a village in Changtu county, Liaoning province, China

    Commentary: Is swine flu going to be the next pandemic?

    Pandemic viruses are arising with alarming regularity, and are likely to continue to do so, says an observer.
  7. Empty check-in counters are seen at the international terminal of Arlanda airport in Sweden

    Commentary: At which point will the coronavirus die out?

    Understanding the complex interactions between genetics, behaviour and environment is necessary to estimate when the coronavirus will burn itself ...
  8. The multiplanetary system of newly discovered super-Earths orbiting nearby red dwarf star Gliese 887

    Planets around nearby star are intriguing candidates for extraterrestrial life

    Up to three planets - potentially rocky like Earth - have been spotted around a star located relatively near our solar system - a planetary system ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: A computer image created by Nexu Science Communication together with Trinity College in

    Severe COVID-19 can damage the brain, preliminary study finds

    A preliminary study of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 has found the disease can damage the brain, causing complications such as stroke, ...
  10. Writer J.K. Rowling poses as she arrives for the European premiere of the film "Fantastic Beas

    Authors quit JK Rowling's agency over trans rights

    Three authors who left JK Rowling's literary agency over her views on transgender issues said on Tuesday they were disappointed that it had not ...