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  1. Man on smartphone

    Commentary: Critical thinking, a needed nutrition to resist the virus of falsehoods

    Experiences from counter-extremism efforts offer lessons that a thinking society could benefit from, says one observer from the S Rajaratnam ...
  2. Select Committee

    Select Committee’s recommendations comprehensive, but not a silver bullet to tackle fake news, say experts

    The 22 recommendations, which include a mix of legislative and non-legislative measures, from the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods ...
  3. PJ Thum (1)

    Thum Ping Tjin had ‘clearly lied’ about academic credentials, no weight given to his views: Select Committee

    The committee, which released its report on Thursday (Sep 20), also said that it did not find Dr Thum to be a credible representor.
  4. students classroom Singapore

    Public education necessary to fight against deliberate online falsehoods: Select Committee

    In its report released on Thursday (Sep 20), the committee recommended that the Government put in place a national framework to coordinate and ...
  5. Select Committee (5)

    Strong trust in public institutions essential to combat fake news: Select Committee

    In its report released on Thursday (Sep 20), the committee explained that strong trust in public institutions makes it harder for deliberate ...
  6. Select Committee

    Select Committee makes 22 recommendations to deal with fake news threat to Singapore

    Singapore “has been and can expect to be subject to foreign disinformation operations”, the report says.
  7. New Content Item

    Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods: Tech giants need to be more accountable; new laws possible

    “Where appropriate, the Government needs to have in place appropriate legislation, to ensure that technology companies contribute to a clean ...