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  1. Period calendar

    Commentary: How to stick to your New Year's resolution past February

    Self-control would make sticking to your resolution easier, but overdoing it might make you more likely to give up.
  2. christmas gifts,presents

    Commentary: This festive season, parents should exercise self-control in giving

    To let our children appreciate what they have, we should exercise self-control in our giving, says one mother of three.
  3. Prof Richie Poulton

    Commentary: Self-control in childhood, the best predictor of success in adulthood

    Director of the famed Dunedin Multi-disciplinary Health and Development Study Professor Richie Poulton says there is one crucial skill parents and ...
  4. New Content Item

    Commentary: Three ways Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler changed how economists look at the world

    Richard Thaler won the 2017 Nobel Prize in economics for his groundbreaking work incorporating how humans actually behave into economic thinking, ...