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  1. elderly woman senior citizen singapore file photo

    Commentary: It is high time for a Ministry on Ageing Issues

    Such a ministry can bring into sharper focus the concerns, challenges and aspirations of seniors, says SUSS’ Dr Helen Ko.
  2. Elderly parents health check screening

    Commentary: Opening earlier and more - some senior care centres in Taiwan take service to new levels

    New innovative concepts in Taiwan promote dignity and compassion in old age and senior care, says SUSS’s Sng Hock Lin.
  3. Nursing home elderly file

    One-floor living helps seniors 'age in place'

  4. touch airbnb 2

    Airbnb to offer qigong, chap chye cooking 'experiences' with Singapore elderly

    This comes under a "social impact" tie-up with local non-profit TOUCH Community Services, which will receive 100% of proceeds.
  5. HDB flats

    Two-room flexi flats: 9 in 10 elderly buyers opt for shorter leases

  6. Japan elderly coder

    Commentary: Growing old is not a slow march toward obscurity

    As life expectancy soars, retirement cannot be a perpetual holiday after years of work, says the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre’s CEO.
  7. IPPT senior 2

    Seniors take 'IPPT' to gauge frailty, health risks

  8. Pedal boat with seniors

    New programme aims to entice seniors to stay active through water sports

    The Silver Wave initiative will see the introduction of a pedal boat orientation programme, which trains seniors with the fundamental skills ...
  9. obike

    oBike to introduce points system that penalises 'ungracious' users

    Singapore's first stationless bike-sharing company's credit system aims to curb irresponsible practices such as illegal parking and bike hogging ...
  10. Beer yoga (1)

    Five on Friday: 5 of the most unusual workouts

    Gone are the days of the Great Singapore Workout, says Hidayah Salamat in our regular light-hearted look at what's been making the news.