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  1. Prince Philip accident collage

    Commentary: Too old to drive? Older, unsafe drivers a growing problem

    The first thing to note is it is about the skills, not the age of the driver, says Florida State University Professor or Geriatrics Alice Pomidor.
  2. senior citizens doing taichi

    Commentary: A bold vision of happy housing options for Singapore’s seniors

    Singapore has a vision of becoming a world-class city and an endearing home. These high standards that we demand from our quality of life must be ...
  3. PM Lee CNBC 4 (file photo)

    PM Lee shares hopes for Singaporeans young and old in Chinese New Year message

    Efforts enabling Singaporeans to lead active and meaningful lives in their silver years while striving to give the country’s young “the best ...
  4. elderly man wheelchair senior

    Commentary: Laugh at enrolling in ElderShield at 30? It should be sobering news

    Ageing and disability are challenges we all have to confront, so there’s good reason we should be invested in the ElderShield review, says Channel ...
  5. Chinatown welcomes Year of the Dog 5

    Commentary: Chinese New Year brings stress, loneliness and sorrow to some seniors

    Festive seasons are usually a time of cheer but let’s keep a look out for elderly relatives and neighbours who might be experiencing negative ...
  6. Elderly patient

    Vulnerable Adults Bill to be introduced in the first half of this year: Desmond Lee

    The Bill will allow the authorities to step in for high-risk cases where intervention is necessary to protect and ensure the safety of the ...
  7. seniors daycare spaces Nov 25

    More daycare spaces for seniors over next 2 years

  8. national senior volunteer month

    Initiative launched to get more seniors to serve the community

  9. (sl) PGO

    Commentary: Three lessons learned caring for seniors as Singapore's population ages

    It’s not writing national policy or setting aside funds that will make the sum difference in caring for our seniors, much as these are needed, ...