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  1. The Race To 5G
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    Ep 1: The Race To 5G

    South Korea is the first country in the world to launch 5G mobile networks. Why It Matters travels to Seoul to experience how 5G will change the ...
  2. Seoul World City prize

    Commentary: What happens when a megacity shrinks? It's Seoul's fate come 2020

    The South Korean city may lose its megacity status next year. A city with fewer people can be challenging but that is a future to be confronted ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: National flags of South Korea and Japan are displayed during a meeting between Komeito

    Japan embassy in Seoul posts radiation data amid escalating row

    Japan's embassy in South Korea has begun posting data on its website to show there is little difference in radiation levels between the two ...
  4. New Content Item

    South Korea confirms new case of African swine fever

  5. New Content Item

    Muchova finds her rhythm in Seoul to claim first title

  6. South Korea and Japan are locked in a bitter trade dispute

    Japan agrees to hold bilateral talks with South Korea in WTO dispute

  7. Guide to Hongdae Seoul South Korea

    The discerning traveller’s guide to Hongdae, Seoul’s coolest neighbourhood

    With great shopping, scrumptious food and design-driven hotels, this buzzy area in the South Korean capital isn’t just for university students ...
  8. The transition to South Korea's radically different, democratic and capitalist society is not

    'Defecting' North Korean waitressses abducted to South: Lawyers

  9. Gangnam Insider's Picks
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    Ep 1: Gangnam Station Where Trends Are Created

    Gangnam Station is Seoul's main transportation hub with a floating population of 1 million per day, and the locals say, if you want to explore ...
  10. South Korea's top court orders review of ex-president Park's graft case

    Retrials ordered for ex-South Korean leader Park, Samsung heir