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  1. Spanish PM Sanchez speaks during a session at Parliament in Madrid

    Spanish PM hardens Catalonia stance with eye on election

    Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Wednesday he would stand firm against what he called "inflammatory" Catalan separatist rhetoric, ...
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    Catalan separatists set key parliament session for Thursday

  3. Catalonia protest

    Catalans rally against separatist leaders' detention

    Thousands of people took to the streets of Catalonia on Tuesday after a judge ordered the detention of two separatist leaders, further inflaming ...
  4. Catalan protest

    What next as Catalan crisis escalates?

  5. Carles Puigdemont

    Catalonia's Puigdemont, a dyed-in-the-wool partisan of independence

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    Madrid steps up pressure on separatists over Catalonia vote