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  1. Testing site for COVID-19 in Paris

    Sewage samples show COVID-19 spreading fast in some French cities

    Sewage samples from a new nationwide COVID-19 monitoring system show that in some French cities traces of coronavirus are spiking above levels ...
  2. Insight FY2021 ep 36
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    Ep 36: Saving The Ganga

    Will Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi be able to save and restore India’s holiest but heavily polluted river to its pristine condition?
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    All in a day's work: Digging out condoms, hardened grease and rags from the sewers

    PUB attends to 36 sewer choke cases causing service disruptions per month.
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    The tip of a fatberg: Are you guilty of choking Singapore’s sewers?

    Almost half of the sewer blockage cases during a two-year period happened in private residential estates, according to PUB.