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  1. woman silhouette,silent,shadow,sexual harassment,stigma

    Commentary: Stigma and shame hold Malaysians back from seeking help for STIs

    Is a culture of shame about contracting sexually transmitted infections leading more Malaysians to find answers online? Dr Ilias Yee hits out at ...
  2. why a woman's sex life falters with age

    When sex life declines with age: Maybe it's his fault, not menopause

    A revealing new study gives voice to why a woman's sex life often falters with age, showing that the health of a woman’s partner determines ...
  3. Peyronies disease

    A new treatment for painful penis curvature, a condition that can make sex difficult

    Encouraging men to seek help for Peyronie's disease.
  4. Teenagers mix drinking and sex

    Are anxiety and peer pressure the reasons behind teens mixing drink and sex?

    Parents can remind teenagers that their nervousness not only is normal, but also can serve as a warning to help keep them safe.