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    Pictures on illicit chat groups: How do innocent victims end up as fodder?

    Primary school girls posing with their friends, intimate pictures leaked by ex-lovers and even innocent personal Instagram videos. Thousands of ...
  2. Economic cost of sexual violence in India | Video
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    Economic cost of sexual violence in India | Video

    About 20 million women have vanished from India's workforce in the last eight years. And every year, more continue to drop out. One big reason is ...
  3. A woman walks past a portrait of J. Jayalalithaa, Chief Minister of the southern state of Tamil Nad

    Commentary: India has a sexual assault problem only women can fix

    Having more female leaders in politics won't solve violence against women or other gender issues, but it can better protect vulnerable women from ...
  4. Crime generic (1)

    Commentary: When children say they’ve been sexually abused, believe them

    One might feel overwhelmed and confused when a child tells you he or she has been sexually abused but we need to create safe spaces for them, says ...