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  1. Anywheel file photo

    Commentary: After a chaotic first wave, does bike-sharing have a decent second shot in Singapore?

    With three homegrown players – SG Bike, Anywheel and Moov Technology – helming the market, bike-sharing may just get that new lease of life, says ...
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    SG Bike to take over Mobike licence after LTA approval

  3. SG Bike basket

    SG Bike set to become largest bike-sharing operator under agreement with Mobike

  4. Anywheel bicycles

    13,000 shared bikes expected by end-2019 as Anywheel takes on expansion

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    The Big Read: No more errantly parked bikes? New regime promising, but requires some pain

    New regulations have raised concerns of higher business costs, risks that businesses could gain access to one another's customers and user privacy.