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    Singapore dollar hits more than two-year high against US dollar in strong start to 2018

    Apart from a retreat in the US dollar, latest growth data depicting a firm outlook for the Singapore economy added to the “positive spin” in the ...
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    Singapore dollar to stay strong in 2018: Analysts

    As Singapore’s economic recovery gains pace, analysts expect the central bank to tighten policy by strengthening the Sing dollar next year.
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    Too strong, too fast: Singapore dollar strength may not last, say analysts

    The Sing dollar has gained more than 6 per cent against the greenback year to date, making it one of the top performing Southeast Asian currencies ...
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    800,000 S'porean households set to receive S$77m worth of S&CC rebates

    Around 800,000 Singaporean HDB households can expect to receive S$77 million worth of Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) rebates in 2013.
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    New National Youth Fund to be set up: Lawrence Wong

    A new National Youth Fund will be set up for youth to champion community and social causes.
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    Govt to invest S$62m in enhancing content in national museums

    The Singapore government will invest S$62 million over the next five years to enhance content in the country's national museums, to better tell ...
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    MOM raises income cap of WTS scheme

    More lower-income Singaporeans can soon upgrade themselves through training. The Manpower Ministry has raised the income cap of the Workfare ...
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    Govt's enhancements to PIC scheme "generous": Yee Jenn Jong

    Non-Constituency MP Yee Jenn Jong described the government's enhancements to the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme as "generous".
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    Wage Credit Scheme draws mixed reactions

    Observers say the move by the Singapore government to subsidise the pay increase of low-wage workers will only go some way to help companies ...