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  1. Dead rat in rice Sheng Siong

    AVA investigating case of dead rat found in bag of rice

  2. Iceberg lettuce recall NTUC

    Iceberg lettuce recall: AVA suspends import of fresh produce from Malaysian farm

  3. Sheng Siong rockmelons from listeria-affected source and from non-implicated source

    Sheng Siong offers full refund for rockmelons from listeria-affected source

    The supermarket chain voluntarily removed the implicated rockmelons from its shelves last Friday (Mar 2), it said.
  4. mislabelled spreads

    AVA to take action over margarine spreads with inaccurate trans fat labels

    Food cannot be labelled as having zero trans fat unless there is no trans fat in the product, and the exact value should still be indicated on the ...