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  1. Hassan Fada'am, Iraqi lawmaker and former militiaman speaks to Reuters in Hilla

    In Iraq’s parliament, Shi’ite militia leaders plan to call the shots

    In May, Hassan Fada'am traded his military fatigues for a suit when he became one of 45 Shi'ite militiamen elected to Iraq's 329-seat parliament.
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    Dozens killed in Afghanistan fighting as sectarian threat grows

  3. Afghan security forces inspect the site of a suicide attack in Kabul

    Afghan Shi'ite militia battles Taliban, raising sectarian fears

    A week of fighting between Taliban militants and fighters loyal to a commander from the mainly Shi'ite Hazara minority has heightened fears of a ...
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    Islamic state claims responsibility for attack on Shi'ites in Iraq

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    Bahrain accuses 169 of forming another Hezbollah

  6. Leader of the Conquest Coalition and the Iran-backed Shi'ite militia Badr Organisation Hadi al

    Iraq Shi'ite paramilitary leader al-Amiri withdraws candidacy for PM

    Shi'ite militia leader Hadi al-Amiri, one of the most powerful figures in Iraq, withdrew his candidacy for prime minister on Tuesday, putting the ...
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    Rumour has it 17-year-old Chinese wants to be a billionaire