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  1. lion city sailors

    Commentary: The incredible rise of Forrest Li, modest founder of Singapore’s most valuable listed company

    For a very long time, Forrest Li has been somewhat of a mysterious figure unless you’re a gaming enthusiast or in the investing and start-up ...
  2. Garena SEA

    Commentary: Sea Limited should stick to its core businesses, especially gaming

    Marketing spend has already eaten into the group’s operating profit, so it doesn’t make sense to look at new ventures now, says David Kuo.
  3. TP ep 42 - cheap fashion
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    Ep 42: What’s The TRUE Cost Of Cheap Fashion?

    Fancy paying SGD5 for a top or dress? That’s how low prices can get for our clothes now, especially online. How did clothes become so cheap? And ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: The Shopee office in Singapore

    E-commerce platform Shopee apologises for 'inappropriate' Indonesian commercial

    Southeast Asia technology group Sea's shopping arm Shopee has apologised over an online advertisement in Indonesia that ignited uproar on social ...
  5. OTRD ep 26 - embracing the digital transformation
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    Ep 26: Embracing The Digital Transformation

    From a giveaway contest to a live stream sale, 3 traditional businesses must face their ultimate challege as they race towards a digital ...
  6. TP ep 26 - online shopping
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    Ep 26: Are We Buying More Than We Need Online?

    E-commerce sales have more than doubled in Singapore, since the Covid-19 outbreak. But are we buying more than we need? Talking Point dives deep ...
  7. New Content Item
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    Ep 23: Stuck In The Past

    3 digital experts go undercover to help 3 family businesses go digital. But instead, they uncover a tradition of strange fish, fancy lace and beef ...