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  1. Soldiers with theÊRepublic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) participate in a weeklyÊyoga traini

    Warrior pose: Sierra Leone's soldiers heal trauma with yoga

    Sergeant Felixon Musa stands tall, arms raised in front of a group of 100 Sierra Leonean soldiers, taking them through a yoga routine he thinks is ...
  2. Schan Duff, Vice President of Strategy for Kiva, speaks in Freetown

    San Francisco crowdfunder Kiva sets up Sierra Leone credit database

    Kiva, a San Francisco-based tech charity, is using blockchain to create an online ID database in Sierra Leone allowing people who struggle to get ...
  3. Mariatu Sesay, 15, walks home with her school mates in a countryside village of Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone school defies state ban on pregnant girls in class

    When Mariatu Sesay realised she was pregnant at 14, one thing scared her more than the social isolation she felt in the classroom: Sierra Leonean ...
  4. Sierra Leone diamond Mar 17

    Sierra Leone pastor unearths 706-carat diamond

    The huge rock was extracted by Emmanuel Momoh, one of thousands who seek their fortunes in the informal mining sector that dominates the ...