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    Liberia win on opening day of African World Cup qualifiers

  2. Schan Duff, Vice President of Strategy for Kiva, speaks in Freetown

    San Francisco crowdfunder Kiva sets up Sierra Leone credit database

    Kiva, a San Francisco-based tech charity, is using blockchain to create an online ID database in Sierra Leone allowing people who struggle to get ...
  3. Mariatu Sesay, 15, walks home with her school mates in a countryside village of Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone school defies state ban on pregnant girls in class

    When Mariatu Sesay realised she was pregnant at 14, one thing scared her more than the social isolation she felt in the classroom: Sierra Leonean ...
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    Sierra Leone arrests former defence minister in graft crackdown

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    Sierra Leone's sick suffer untreated as doctors strike

  6. Hawanatu Conteh, a nurse at Connaught Hospital, tends to a patient while the hospital's doctor

    Sierra Leone doctors strike over conditions, nurses may follow

    Doctors in Sierra Leone's public hospitals were on strike on Wednesday to protest against low wages and poor working conditions, and nurses said ...
  7. FILE PHOTO:  Logo of FIFA is seen in Zurich

    Sierra Leone's disqualification from Nations Cup boosts Kenya, Ghana

    Sierra Leone have been disqualified from the preliminaries for the 2019 African Nations Cup finals, confirming places for Kenya and Ghana at the ...
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    FIFA ban leads to cancellation of Sierra Leone's match against Ghana

  9. Military vehicles are seen overturned after a collision in Freetown

    Sierra Leone military truck flips over, killing 13

    Thirteen people were killed and at least 30 more injured on Monday when a military transport truck flipped over on a major road in the Sierra ...