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  1. Waterspout SG

    Five on Friday: 5 unusual natural world sightings in Singapore

    In our regular light-hearted look at what has been making the headlines, Ramesh William recalls some other rare sightings apart from the "fire ...
  2. otter sighting in NUS

    Teacher's pet? Otters spotted at NUS

    This is the first time otters have been sighted at the National University of Singapore, according to Biological Sciences lecturer Sivasothi N.
  3. pasir ris boar 2

    Wild boar feedback more than quadruples in last 2 years

    In 2016, Singapore’s veterinary authority received 140 pieces of feedback about the animals and euthanised 21 of them as a result.
  4. Ronald McDonald

    Ronald McDonald lies low amid creepy clown craze

    McDonald's says it is practising more "thought" in involving the mascot in community events as a result of the "current climate around clown ...
  5. Creepy clown mask

    Creepy clowns spotted in Netherlands

    The creepy clown phenomenon, which has been spooking the United States, appears to have arrived in the Netherlands after sightings of two people ...
  6. Creepy clown

    Police issue warning as creepy clown craze comes to Britain

    Police forces said they had received dozens of reports of "killer clown" sightings in the last week where individuals dressed in clown outfits ...