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  1. Marutama Best ramen Singapore

    The 10 best ramen restaurants in Singapore: From milky pork broth to a 'hybrid duck' variety

    These are CNA Lifestyle’s pick of the best ramen restaurants in Singapore to hit up when you need that noodle fix.
  2. Publico pizza best italian restaurant singapore pasta pizza CNA Lifestyle

    10 best Italian restaurants in Singapore: Pastas, pizzas and a lot of cheese

    Whether you’re craving comfort food for the soul or a looking for a fancy date night with stellar views, this is CNA Lifestyle’s pick of the best ...
  3. Bistecca best steak in singapore CNA Lifestyle

    10 best steakhouses in Singapore: Wagyu, Kobe and even NZ 'ocean beef'

    Whether you like your meat with bone in or out, this is CNA Lifestyle’s pick of the best steak purveyors on the island.