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  1. What slowing growth means for the man in the street

    Commentary: Is low growth the new normal for Singapore?

    The Singapore economy grew by 0.7 per cent in 2019. Its continued growth will be tested as it faces bigger challenges on the horizon including an ...
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    Balancing a nation's books

    How are priorities set and trade-offs made when planning the national Budget?
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    Budget 2019: The next step in an ongoing journey

    Recent Budget measures provide a strong foundation for crafting Budget 2019
  4. Asian Family

    Five things you never knew about the Singapore Budget

    It’s more than just helpful handouts
  5. REACH dialogue 2

    Ageing, healthcare top issues at pre-Budget 2019 dialogue

    Ageing and healthcare came up as top issues discussed at the pre-budget 2019 dialogue that was held on Thursday (Dec 6) at the Asian Civilisations ...
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    Mixed reactions by S'poreans to measures introduced in Budget 2013

    Singaporeans MediaCorp spoke with had mixed reactions to some of the measures introduced in the Budget.
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    MPs welcome govt's schemes to help low income, elderly S'poreans

    Members of Parliament told MediaCorp they welcomed the government's schemes to help low income as well as elderly Singaporeans.
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    Mendaki SENSE praises Budget 2013 for initiatives on productivity

    A training arm of Malay-Muslim self-help group, Mendaki, has praised Budget 2013 for its focus on rewarding improved productivity, assisting ...
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    Budget 2013: Measures to ensure healthcare remains affordable

    A key principle, even as healthcare expenditure goes up, is that Singaporeans' out-of-pocket share of medical costs should fall, with the ...
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    Budget 2013: Govt to spend S$1.7b to help households cope with rising cost of living

    The government has introduced a slew of measures to help Singaporeans cope with the rising cost of living. They include income tax rebates, extra ...