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  1. sin kek tong chiam see tong

    Opposition veteran Sin Kek Tong dies at age 72

    The former chairman first introduced Mr Chiam See Tong to SPP when the latter left the Singapore Democratic Party in 1993.
  2. New Content Item

    WP releases details on proposed scheme to give retrenched workers ‘modest’ payouts

    The Opposition party has issued a consultation paper detailing how a redundancy insurance scheme would use risk pooling to provide payouts to ...
  3. President Tony Tan Keng Yam

    President Tony Tan refutes 'hurtful' comments made at forum

    Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam says the comments, which suggest that he was not supportive of increased funding for polytechnics and Institutes of Technical ...
  4. FAP fb

    Founder of pro-PAP Facebook page under investigation for Cooling-Off Day breaches

    Jason Chua Chin Seng, the founder of the ‘Fabrications About The PAP’ Facebook page, is the third person to be investigated for allegedly ...
  5. chee soon juan, murali rally 1

    Bukit Batok by-election was among costliest SMC contests to date

    The two candidates each spent more than S$82,000 over the nine-day hustings, surpassing the previous high of S$81,165 chalked up by the PAP’s Tin ...
  6. Chee Soon Juan and Murali Pillai posters Bukit Batok

    Bukit Batok by-election: SDP's Chee outspends PAP's Murali for hustings

    According to expenses submitted to the Elections Department (ELD), Dr Chee, the losing candidate, spent S$87,200.42 for the hustings, compared to ...