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  1. Ashok Kumar Mirpuri

    Singapore Ambassador to US rebuts NYT article on Chinese dialects

    The New York Times article, titled "In Singapore, Chinese dialects revive after decades of restrictions", was published on Aug 26.
  2. New Content Item

    The more successful Singapore is, the harder it is to attract political talent: Chan Chun Sing

    Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Chan Chun Sing goes "On the Record" about diversity in Singapore's political leadership and how the ...
  3. OTR - Shanmugam

    Do wrong, go soft or don't deliver, and no party machinery will keep PAP in power: K Shanmugam

    Throughout his career, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam has made a name as a straight talker on a wide range of issues. He goes "On The ...
  4. HDB flats

    Commentary: Active government oversight has reduced Singapore's income inequality

    Singapore's income inequality has narrowed over the past 17 years. But this is largely a product of government intervention in the form of taxes ...
  5. (OTR) Lim Chong Yah pic 4

    Singapore should have minimum wage, says economist Lim Chong Yah

    The former National Wages Council chairman goes "On The Record" about what led to his thinking on income inequality and his arguments for why the ...
  6. People sit around laptop computers at a cafe in Beijing, on May 29, 2013

    Commentary: How can Smart Nation Singapore better prepare for digital warfare?

    Associate Professor Warren Chik examines how the Singapore Government, private organisations and individuals can step up their cybersecurity ...
  7. New Content Item

    Singapore must be more transparent in shark fin trade: Report

    Singapore was ranked the world’s second-largest shark fin trader by value after Hong Kong, according to trade figures from 2012-2013, say ...
  8. singapore business district CBD central business district

    Commentary: Where will Singapore's next tax dollar come from?

    NUS Business School's associate professor Simon Poh outlines the possible changes to Singapore's tax system.
  9. (nc) Ho Peng Kee OTR 1

    Politicians can’t fix their upbringing, but must fix their mindsets: Ho Peng Kee on being in touch with the ground

    Former Senior Minister of State Ho Peng Kee talks to 938LIVE about how he went from being "just a happy university professor" to ascending the ...