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  1. file pix of doctor and patient

    Patients may face time limit to file complaints on misconduct of doctors: MOH

    MOH is looking at three years as a time limit, in line with civil negligence suits.
  2. File photo of stethoscope

    MOH to review the taking of informed consent by doctors, SMC's disciplinary process

  3. Doctor patient

    Commentary: Are complaints against doctors destroying the doctor-patient relationship?

    Instead of loading doctors with more onerous duties to inform patients, teaching medical students medical law and changing the healthcare culture ...
  4. doctor illustration stethoscope generic hospital nurse research

    MOH requests review of S$100,000 fine on orthopaedic surgeon

  5. doctor illustration stethoscope generic hospital nurse research

    GP fined S$30,000 for not referring patient with eye condition to specialist

    Dr Sim Kwang Soon, 53, was practising as a general practitioner at Alliance Clinic and Surgery at Jalan Tenaga on Jun 16, 2010 when he diagnosed a ...