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  1. Myopia check

    Study examines atropine eye drops as preventive treatment for myopia in children

  2. New Content Item

    Cornea donations in Singapore at record high

    There were 236 cornea donations in Singapore last year, breaking the record of 222 donations set the year before, according to the Singapore Eye Bank.
  3. Road Master test kit

    New Traffic Police test kit for the elderly to enhance road safety awareness

    Called the "Road Master Test Kit", it allows the elderly to assess their eyesight, hearing and reaction time in self-administered tests.
  4. Diabetic screening

    Government considers expanding eye screening for diabetics

    To raise awareness on the importance of eye-screening for diabetics, the Government is looking at expanding screening programmes beyond community ...
  5. applicator used in glaucoma trial

    New glaucoma treatment could mean no more daily eye-drops

    The treatment, which is being trialled in a two-year international study, can be used for most glaucoma patients, except those with closed-angle ...