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  1. Photo Singapore Night Festival Keep Dreaming Spectaculaires

    Watch the National Museum come to life with 'adventure' at the Night Lights showcase

    CNA Lifestyle had a preview of what to expect at the Singapore Night Festival which kicks off on Aug 23. Watch the video to find out more.
  2. Photo Singapore Night Festival Fuerzo Bruta

    Ramayana, aerial arts and Intergalactic Dreams at this month's Singapore Night Festival 

    This year’s event lineup comprises 16 light artworks and more than 40 performances, and will cast a spotlight on regional folklore and traditions.
  3. Night Festival 2018 - Odyssey 01

    In pictures: Interactive Night Light installations at the Singapore Night Festival 2018

    Ride a bicycle and send sparks flying, or enter a dark alley to see graffiti come to life – here's what to expect over the first weekend of the ...
  4. Singapore Night Festival (The Bulb Heads)

    Roving light bulbs, pro-wrestlers on Singapore Night Festival’s second weekend

    The festival’s closing weekend will see more performances to complement the light installations that were already up since the first weekend.
  5. Singapore Night Festival 10th anniversary (opening image)

    In pictures: 10 memorable moments at the Singapore Night Festival through the years

    From drag queens and wrestlers to huge aerial spectacles and de rigueur facade projections, here are some of the most unusual things we’ve seen ...