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  1. Singapore Writers Festival T2 Trainspotting (1280x494)

    A quick guide to the Singapore Writers Festival (for those who aren’t into books)

    Think you have to be a lover of literature to enjoy this annual event? Not quite. CNA Lifestyle finds out that if you love movies, hip-hop music, ...
  2. David Sedaris Singapore Writers Festival

    Trainspotting's Irvine Welsh, humourist David Sedaris at this year's Singapore Writers Festival

    The theme for this year is the Chinese character for “world”.
  3. Merlion and Pontianak

    Would Singapore's mythology include the Merlion and the Pontianak?

    A talk at the recently concluded Singapore Writers Festival looked at how these fantastical creatures have resonated through the years, and how ...
  4. Suki Kim (Suki in 2002)

    ‘I felt their fear’: Journalist recalls Pyongyang experience at Singapore Writers Fest

    Korean American best-selling author Suki Kim, who was at the festival over the weekend, warns against the ongoing “thug dialogue” between US ...
  5. Comics of Singapore Histories (book covers)

    Hawkers, aliens, zombies: Comic books put a twist on Singapore’s history

    New collective Comics Of Singapore Histories Studios are putting an unusual spin on local heritage and history with a series of comic books, such ...
  6. Singapore Writers Festival (Jay Asher, Marjorie Liu, Junot Diaz)

    Author behind hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why will be at Singapore Writers Festival

    Aside from Jay Asher, other headliners include Pulitzer Prize-winner Junot Diaz, X-Men writer Marjorie Liu, and the creative minds behind the ...
  7. Singapore Writers Festival (Ken Liu, Tony Parsons)

    Singapore Writers Festival 2017: Fantasy writer Ken Liu, ‘men lit’ author Tony Parsons among headliners

    The festival will also be bringing international authors directly to various schools for the first time.
  8. New Content Item

    Singapore Writers Festival celebrates 20th edition in November

    Recent Eisner Awards-winner Sonny Liew has also been invited by organisers as the festival looks back at its evolution since it began as a fringe ...
  9. BuySingLit

    Support local: New #BuySingLit movement hopes to boost Singapore literary scene

    Book fairs and guided tours are among the 40 activities lined up from Feb 24 to 26.