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  1. Baby Sloth Bear Being Fed
    Media playtime

    Raising endangered sloth bear cubs by hand | Video

    Two baby sloth bears have been born at the Singapore Zoo. But because their mother has been known to abandon or even kill her cubs, vets have ...
  2. Final health check on Inuka the polar bear

    The last farewell: Past and present caregivers surround Inuka the polar bear in his final moments

    Past and present caregivers gathered for Inuka's final health check before the polar bear was put down on Wednesday (Apr 25), photos released by ...
  3. Gaya - Inuka last days 20

    Inuka the polar bear put to sleep on 'humane grounds'

    Singapore Zoo will not bring in any more polar bears, says Wildlife Reserves Singapore.
  4. Inuka

    Singapore Zoo’s polar bear Inuka 'in declining health', may be put down soon