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    SingHealth COI: IHiS’ systems were built for business efficiency instead of security, says CSA chief

    While IHiS has done well in implementing technological advances to a large healthcare system, it did not pay enough attention to potential cyber ...
  2. 'Customised, uniquely tailored' malware used in SingHealth cyberattack | Video
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    'Customised, uniquely tailored' malware used in SingHealth cyberattack | Video

    A public report by the Cyber Security Agency describes the hackers behind Singapore's biggest data breach as skilled and sophisticated. Lee Li ...
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    SingHealth COI hearing: Former IHiS CEO dismissed staff for ethical breach, didn’t probe alleged vulnerability

    Dr Chong Yoke Sin says Mr Zhao Hainan’s email to solicit interest from a rival software vendor over an alleged systems vulnerability was “clearly ...
  4. SingHealth polyclinics

    SingHealth COI hearing: Employees questioned about their inaction over alleged coding vulnerability

    Friday's public hearing revealed details about how IHiS employees who were asked to verify whistleblower Zhao Hainan’s identity did only that, and ...
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    COI on SingHealth cyberattack: IHiS officer hesitated before reporting suspected breach

    Witnesses who testified on the fourth day of public hearings held by the Committee of Inquiry stressed that the reporting of a security incident ...