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  1. SingPost trucks

    SingPost to reduce postmen's workload in move to improve service standards

    Singapore Post (SingPost) announced new measures to improve its service quality on Thursday (Feb 7), as part of a review of its postal operations ...
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    SingPost fined S$100,000 for not delivering mail on time in 2017: IMDA

    Accepting the fine, SingPost announced measures to improve its service, such as hiring 100 additional postmen and extending mail delivery slots to ...
  3. Singpost

    Commentary: Are SingPost’s lapses indicative of a deeper malaise in the company?

    Those at SingPost have a heavy burden of fixing past issues after sweeping changes at the senior management level and hasty acquisitions made some ...
  4. Singpost

    SingPost delivers apology for recent 'service failures'

  5. SingPost Centre

    SingPost net profit rose 278% to S$126.4 million