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  1. New Content Item

    The master who is also a learner

    SkillsFuture Fellow Joanne Goh is a veteran medical social worker, a trainer and a practising Parent-Child Interaction Therapist. She is also a ...
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    The smart guide to retiring in style

    Want to start building a bigger nest egg for yourself? Here are some ways you can retire in the way you desire, without limiting your lifestyle.
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    Getting schooled for the digital age

    The job market is changing. Here is why it pays to go back to school to and widen your skillsets.
  4. kaplan singapore

    Commentary: Suspensions and lapses in SkillsFuture courses – let market forces regulate training programmes

    Why Kaplan Professional was suspended remains unclear but the perennial challenge of ensuring training institutes help workers reskill can be ...
  5. NUS graduates at commencement ceremony

    Students graduating from local schools to receive ‘tamper-resistant’ digital certificates

    The OpenCerts platform uses blockchain technology to provide students with an “easy and reliable way” to issue and validate tamper-resistant ...
  6. SATS and Skillsfuture

    New Earn and Learn programme for air transport sector

    Skillsfuture Singapore will roll out a new Earn and Learn Programme for the air transport sector in collaboration with SIM Global Education and ...
  7. NTU graduates

    Commentary: Confidence to face an AI-dominated future requires preparing Singaporeans for jobs not yet created

    Filling jobs of the future requires a fundamental paradigm shift in education, training and reskilling, says one observer.