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  1. Men's skin conditions and the best products to treat them

    Saving face: Men, these products will solve your most pressing skin problems

    A man’s skin is just as susceptible to the ravages of time and the environment as a woman’s skin is, although the problems he’ll face may differ ...
  2. Irritated skin

    Commentary: Low self-esteem, depression and frequent flare-ups plague growing numbers of eczema sufferers

    As a society, we must overcome the shameful stigma that those who suffer from eczema bear, says dermatologist Dr Joyce Lim.
  3. FILE PHOTO: The Nestle logo is seen during the opening of the 151st Annual General Meeting of Nestl

    Nestle aims to shed skin unit to focus on food, nutrition

    Nestle said on Thursday it was exploring strategic options for its skin health business, saying it believes the unit might be better off outside ...
  4. BEAUTY-Tried-&-tested

    5 tried & tested products that are best for enlarged pores

    Our readers bid adios to bumpy skin with help from these pore-purging pleasures.
  5. Fiona Xie

    Fiona Xie uses THIS before bedtime for flawless skin

    And you can get it too at Sephora now.
  6. Skin-saviours

    5 beauty boosters that will help you wake up with better skin

    Put on these facial serums and creams before bedtime and let them work their magic.
  7. For-AP

    The only skincare "menu" you'll ever need for beautiful skin

    The recipe to good skin is a deliciously simple one.
  8. File photo of Singapore hospital

    Singapore records increase in skin donations over the last 3 years

    Over the last three years,  Singapore has seen an increase in skin donations for those who need grafts after serious burns.
  9. File photo of Thailand narcotics police

    Thai drug cops make 'cocaine lotion' bust at airport

    Acting after a tip-off from Interpol, Thai drug police held the Ecuadorian woman after she arrived on a flight from Peru at Bangkok's main airport ...
  10. Bangladesh 'tree girl' syndrome

    Bangladesh treats first case of 'tree girl' syndrome

    Ten-year-old Sahana Khatun has the tell-tale gnarled growths sprouting from her chin, ear and nose, but doctors at Dhaka's Medical College ...