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  1. A woman undergoing Thermage and Ultheraphy at Prive Aesthetics

    Masks and serums not working for wrinkles? Next-level facial treatments you can save up for

    If you’re after effective medical-grade therapy for your skin problems – that’s pretty much pain-free – these are the most-requested facial ...
  2. Beauty advent calendar from Net A Porter

    A Christmas gift every day: Best beauty advent calendars to treat yourself or a friend

    Who wouldn’t like to receive (and open) a gift every single day until Dec 25? Here are our top picks, from perfumes and serums to makeup items, ...
  3. Close up of a woman's lips

    Pucker up, ladies and gentlemen – here’s how to have soft, kissable lips

    Is getting “caught” under the mistletoe part of your Christmas plan to get closer to that special someone? You’ll need to prepare yourself with ...
  4. Joseph Schooling wins gold 50m butterfly Asian Games 2018

    Olympic champion Joseph Schooling is now a beauty maven with his own skincare line

    “My teammates used to laugh at me for putting on moisturiser after practice," the 24-year-old swimmer told CNA Lifestyle. Now who's laughing?
  5. Close up on a woman with pigmentation

    Ladies, here are the best skincare products to remove those pesky age or sun spots

    Next to acne, skin discolouration is possibly the most frustrating skin problem there is. These essentials can help solve your hyperpigmentation woes.
  6. Close up of a woman with eye cream on her face

    How to look fully rested even if you’ve had only a few hours of sleep

    We can’t help with your sleeping habits but if your puffy eyes are bothering you, here are some tricks and eye serum products to make you look ...
  7. Close up of a woman with cream on her face

    Don’t have time for skincare? Sleeping masks are your best bet

    Let these overnight sleep masks treat your skin while you snooze.
  8. Where to go for facials in Singapore

    What it’s like to undergo a facial treatment that uses salmon sperm DNA

    Less painful that the much hyped-about Rejuran healer treatment, and with almost no downtime, Ageless Medi-Aesthetics’ Salmon DNA Repair Facial ...
  9. An interior shot of a pharmacy at the airport

    Must good skincare be costly? These drugstore picks provide bang for your buck

    A high price doesn’t always equate to better efficacy, especially in the beauty industry. These affordable products are skincare treasures to be ...
  10. Illustration of a woman holding her bust

    Worried about gravity taking a toll on your bust? Take these preventive steps

    Pregnancy, breastfeeding and even weight gain or loss can affect the skin on the chest. It's time to take appropriate care of your breasts to ...