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  1. The future of beauty shopping

    Virtual apps, WhatsApp texts: How to shop for beauty products in a pandemic

    Companies such as Sephora, SK-II and Clarins are using creative technology to make socially distanced, contact-free shopping a breeze.
  2. FILE PHOTO: The logo of French cosmetics group L'Oreal in the western Paris suburb of Levalloi

    L'Oreal to drop words such as 'whitening' from skin products

    Unilever and Johnson & Johnson have also followed suit with the latter stopping sale of skin whitening creams under its Neutrogena and Clean & ...
  3. How to fight the lower jowl sag

    Beauty tips: How to tighten those sagging cheeks and have a sharper jawline

    The dreaded lower jowl sag is a sign of premature ageing. Here’s how ladies can take matters into their own hands – with help from some handheld ...
  4. The Dior Prestige Lotion Essence de Rose is composed of a blend of the rose de Granville and its bud

    Why are floral extracts more beneficial for your skin than lab-grown ingredients?

    According to Dior Science’s skincare research facility, daily exposure to environmental stresses have resulted in plants – and flowers – evolving ...
  5. Common mistakes of face masking

    Beauty face masks can dry up your skin if you make these common mistakes

    Leaving a sheet mask on for too long is not a bang-for-buck hack. In fact, it is the worst thing you can do to your skin.
  6. A selection from FRANK SKINCARE

    How to pamper yourself at home with this easy head-to-toe skincare guide

    Now that you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, why not give your neck, hands, feet and body some DIY TLC?
  7. A woman standing in a flower field

    These Singapore beauty labels are giving international brands a run for their money

    You don’t always have to buy international – and these 5 homegrown options are making a name for themselves in the scene. Plus, no shipping cost ...
  8. A woman wearing a medical face mask

    Is that face mask causing your sensitive skin to break out? A doctor's helpful tips

    Wearing one is the new normal – but our skin might not be used to it. CNA Lifestyle has a step-by-step guide – and yes, you can still wear makeup.
  9. A woman tweezing her brow

    How to groom your eyebrows like a pro when you’re at home

    Trimming and tweezing your own brows are easier than you think. All you need are a pair of tweezers, a pair of brow scissors and a steady hand.
  10. Luxe face creams

    Circuit breaker self-care: 7 nourishing creams to keep your face game strong

    Consistently using good quality face products during this stay-at-home period can help ensure your skin still looks screen-grab perfect on all the ...