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  1. Nuns visit the male section of the 'Maison Des Esclaves' slaves house, a gathering point

    Ghana cashes in on slave heritage tourism

    In a clearing at the turnoff to Assin Manso, a billboard depicts two African slaves in loincloths, their arms and legs in chains. Beside them are ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Graduates gather outside Senate House after their graduation ceremony at Cambridge Univ

    Cambridge University to study how it profited from Atlantic slavery

    The University of Cambridge will conduct a two-year academic study of how much it benefited from the Atlantic slave trade and whether its ...
  3. A nascent movement against fast fashion is taking place in Hong Kong

    Commentary: Behind that fast fashion label is a story of modern slavery

    Greater transparency with respect to business operations can pave a more social conscious society, two observers point out.
  4. anti slavery march uk

    UK 'failing' to save thousands of children from modern slavery

  5. New Content Item

    Kanye West sparks new outrage in calling slavery 'a choice'

  6. Asia Default Image

    Cambodian women rescued from sex slavery in Japan

    Seven Cambodian women have been rescued from a restaurant in Japan where they were allegedly forced into sex work after a victim made a desperate ...