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  1. Waterfront buildings, part of a proposed redevelopment of Toronto's downtown waterfront, are s

    Alphabet unit seeks share of property taxes for Toronto smart city

    Alphabet Inc's Sidewalk Labs unit is proposing it get a share of property taxes, development fees, and the rising value of Toronto city land as ...
  2. Commentary: Rise of a rockstar engineer, silhouette of an engineer, construction worker,

    Commentary: The rise of the rockstar engineer in smart city Singapore

    Engineering is about solving problems and removing roadblocks, skills that are essential in building a smart city, says Johnson Controls' Ken Lim.
  3. Stan Lee rose through the ranks to become a comics writer, and eventually led the Marvel empire for

    Commentary: Lessons from San Jose and Stan Lee as Singapore’s Smart Nation efforts enter new phase

    The momentum in Singapore’s Smart Nation drive has picked up but this doesn’t guarantee adoption of upcoming services and technologies, says ...
  4. (sl) Egypt's new capital

    Commentary: Egypt builds a new capital, a chance to design an inclusive city

    History offers lessons for building an inclusive and egalitarian city that the Middle Eastern country should take into account, say two urban ...
  5. A general view of the financial district skyline is reflected in a pond in Singapore

    Singapore best performing 'smart city' globally: Study

  6. smart city india

    Commentary: Smart cities might not be such a bright idea

    Instead of championing connectivity and efficiency, urban planners should figure out what people really want out of their neighbourhoods, say a ...
  7. govetech AR app

    Commentary: Smart Nation a success if it helps Singaporeans tackle everyday challenges

    Success in smart cities must start with the difficulties people face every day. This rationale must be applied in our drive towards a Smart ...
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    Surbana Jurong, Microsoft to develop technology to reduce lift breakdowns

    The MOU was inked to develop cloud-based technology for governments and city planners to better monitor common estate facilities like lifts.