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  1. Tianjin Eco-City enters next phase with green, smart estate goal | Video
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    Tianjin Eco-City enters next phase with green, smart estate goal | Video

    Tianjin Eco-City - Singapore and China’s second government to government project - has entered its next phase of development with the goal of ...
  2. Hampstead Heath, london, exercising, jogging

    Commentary: London's bold vision as the world's first national city park

    Can a city resemble a national park? London thinks this idea could Londoners more access to nature, says Lancaster University's Edward Truch.
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    Commentary: The smart city has arrived in Europe - but it isn't the stuff of science fiction

    Instead, smart cities are places of intense collaboration among communities, says UCL Institute of Education's James Ransom.
  4. Commentary: Rise of a rockstar engineer, silhouette of an engineer, construction worker,

    Commentary: The rise of the rockstar engineer in smart city Singapore

    Engineering is about solving problems and removing roadblocks, skills that are essential in building a smart city, says Johnson Controls' Ken Lim.
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    Commentary: Lessons from San Jose and Stan Lee as Singapore’s Smart Nation efforts enter new phase

    The momentum in Singapore’s Smart Nation drive has picked up but this doesn’t guarantee adoption of upcoming services and technologies, says ...
  6. (sl) Egypt's new capital

    Commentary: Egypt builds a new capital, a chance to design an inclusive city

    History offers lessons for building an inclusive and egalitarian city that the Middle Eastern country should take into account, say two urban ...