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  1. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Wizards Of Tech: Home

    A video game fanatic creating a Tetris-inspired, shape-shifting robot that cleans every nook and cranny. A sound enthusiast with a device that ...
  2. Breaking Physical Boundaries
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    Ep 1: Breaking Physical Boundaries

    Paralympic swimmer Pin Xiu is hyper-independent and takes a low-tech approach to life. Teenager Tamimi loves to draw but first, he has to learn to ...
  3. Man at home using a smartphone.

    Commentary: The common, rare and weird reasons why people install smart home technology

    Smart home technology offer benefits for productivity and security, say four observers from RMIT.
  4. JadeScape Grand Plaza

    More than just a smart home

    Future forward is how technology will power the homes at JadeScape