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  1. Iswaran at MTI COS Budget 2018

    S$100m over three years set aside for integrated PACT programme: Iswaran

    The single PACT scheme aims to foster tie-ups among enterprises of all sizes, while more help for businesses to tap Asia’s infrastructure ...
  2. PBA group

    Commentary: Budget 2018 responds to SME issues about expanding overseas, but will they work?

    Initiatives that will provide businesses with a boost in expanding overseas announced at Budget 2018 are promising, but there are limitations to ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: Government assistance to businesses – is less, in fact, more?

    Is providing less or no assistance the answer to empowering companies and cultivating world-class enterprises, asks Channel NewsAsia's Bharati ...
  4. New Content Item

    Managing cash flow a top challenge for SMEs: Survey

  5. Medical Certificates MC

    Honour sick leave system taking off among start-ups; not suitable for all companies say experts

    While most organisations apparently still favour a system where employees have to produce a medical certificate to claim sick leave, others allow ...
  6. Chan Chun Sing NTUC

    Labour movement seeks to stay relevant and representative amid disruptive changes

    Beyond representing workers through the unions, NTUC has also set up four other "limbs" to better represent the various segments of the workforce, ...
  7. New Content Item

    Budget 2017: Businesses to get help in financing when scaling up globally

    A new International Partnership Fund is among the initiatives announced in Budget 2017 that will provide support for local firms to flex their ...
  8. SMEC budget wishlist

    Budget 2017: SMEC recommends developing competitiveness, providing support for businesses

    The government should consider developing globally competitive companies and introduce broad-based support for SMEs, said the SMEC.
  9. Helene Raudaschl (1)

    Singapore SMEs are very fortunate: Helene Raudaschl, EY Entrepreneur of the Year

    Helene Raudaschl, managing director of gourmet food supplier Indoguna, goes On the Record with Bharati Jagdish about how Singapore firms have it ...