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  1. The measure targets 30,000 vehicles in the greater Paris region, which is home to around 5.5 million

    Paris clamps down on older diesel cars

  2. People make their way through heavy smog on an extremely polluted day

    China smog hotspot Hebei meets air standard for first time in May: Government

    China's smog-prone province of Hebei, the country's biggest steel producing region, met a national air quality standard for the first time last ...
  3. People are seen in a traditional alleyway on a polluted day in central Beijing

    Most northern China cities fail to meet winter smog targets

  4. FILE PHOTO: Smoke rises from a chimney among houses as new high-rise residential buildings are seen

    China's top steelmaking city issues 'orange' smog alert

  5. FILE PHOTO: Chinese national flags are flying near a steel factory in Wu'an

    Chinese cities issue 'orange' smog alert

    At least nine cities in China's industrial heartland of Hebei, Shandong, Henan and Shanxi have issued second-level, or "orange", pollution alerts ...
  6. FILE PHOTO - A chimney is seen in front of residential buildings during a polluted day in Harbin

    China could lift life expectancy by nearly 3 years if it meets WHO smog standards: Study

    China could raise average life expectancy by 2.9 years if it improves air quality to levels recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), ...