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    Poland must speed up fight against smog - report

  2. FILE PHOTO: Residents on their bicycles and electric bikes wait for the traffic at an intersection

    China's Hebei province vows 15% cut in smog by 2020

  3. People wearing masks dance amid heavy smog during a polluted day at a square in Fuyang

    China cuts smog but health damage already done: Study

  4. Smog mist 1

    Delhi rolls out 'anti-smog' mist cannon in trial run

    India on Wednesday (Dec 20) unveiled a new weapon against air pollution - an "anti-smog gun" which authorities hope will clear the skies above New ...
  5. New Delhi children smog

    Children and babies' brains at risk from toxic pollution: UN

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    Cricket - Lakmal vomits on field, Delhi may lose winter tests

  7. Cricket smog New Delhi

    Cricketers vomiting after fielding in smoggy Delhi: Sri Lanka coach

  8. A man wearing a face mask rides a bicycle on a bridge in front of the financial district of Pudong

    No joke: China government warns northern cities to get serious in war on smog

    Some northern Chinese cities failed to improve air quality by much last month, hitting the smog-prone region's overall results in a drive against ...
  9. India smog pollution

    Delhi half-marathon to go ahead despite smog, court rules

  10. A man rides A bicycle carrying sacks of recyclables amid morning smog in Lahore

    Pakistan indifferent as smog kills more people than militancy