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    Is it time to go after smokers who light up near the windows of their homes?

    With more people confined to their homes, complaints about second-hand smoke have increased by 20 per cent. The divide is deep on this argument.
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    The Pulse - How far should restrictions on smoking go?

    Sick of secondhand smoke wafting into your flat as your neighbour smokes at his window? Should there be curbs on smoking in homes?
  3. Man smoking at home. (Photo: iStock)

    Commentary: If people smoke at home, the problem of secondhand smoke will not go away

    Another initiative to get people not to smoke in their homes and bother their neighbours has been launched. But the issue of regulating smoking in ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: An Indonesian youth holds a cigarette while waiting for a train in Jakarta

    Commentary: Second-hand smoke a health problem for home care workers

    Around 1 million UK workers are exposed to smoke in their daily jobs. There needs to be more protection for these people, say two researchers.
  5. Senior Citizen Smoking 01 - file photo

    IN FOCUS: Singapore wants fewer people to smoke. How can it make this happen?

    In 1986, the Government launched the National Smoking Control Programme with the theme, Towards a Nation of Non-Smokers. More than three decades ...