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  1. person smoking balcony cigarette second hand smoke

    Commentary: Smoking near windows dismissed as neighbourly nuisance but has public health costs

    As people spend more time at home, smoke wafting into people’s homes can be a deadly public health menace, and should not be mistaken for a ...
  2. Thailand first in Asia to roll out plain cigarette packaging | Video
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    Thailand first in Asia to roll out plain cigarette packaging | Video

    Standardised plain packaging for cigarettes comes into force in Thailand from Sep 10 to further discourage smoking. Thailand is the first country ...
  3. Heart of the Matter podcast thumbnail
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    Is it time to go after smokers who light up near the windows of their homes?

    With more people confined to their homes, complaints about second-hand smoke have increased by 20 per cent. The divide is deep on this argument.
  4. FILE PHOTO: An Indonesian youth holds a cigarette while waiting for a train in Jakarta

    Commentary: COVID-19 offers fresh impetus to quit smoking

    Smokers hospitalised with COVID-19 are more likely to become severely unwell and die than non-smokers, says an observer.
  5. FILE PHOTO: Woman stubs out a cigarette in an ashtray in a cafe in Vienna

    Commentary: Australia’s big win on plain packaging for cigarettes is something to shout about

    The World Trade Organisation has thrown out the final legal challenge to Australia's tobacco plain packaging laws. Now more countries across the ...