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  1. SMU students walking by

    SMU boosts patrols, CCTV outside toilets, showers as it revises disciplinary framework

  2. SMU trio

    Mastering accounting skills for your career

    In a time of technological disruption and AI-driven automation, having a Master of Professional Accounting degree can be a strategic advantage for ...
  3. molest staged

    SMU, NTU take steps to better protect students from sexual harassment on campus

  4. NUS graduation 2

    Commentary: Time for Singapore universities to switch gears

    Pursuing global rankings can have perverse effects, to the detriment of universities’ multifaceted mission, say two education experts.
  5. Student trainers from SMU and ITE conducted a peer-to-peer workshop to

    Commentary: Millennials need a stronger grasp of personal finances

    Schools have a part to play in equipping young people with financial literacy skills, says one Citi-SMU financial literacy student trainer.
  6. File photo of students taking their seats for the diploma ceremony at Harvard University in Cambrid

    Commentary: The relentless pursuit of university rankings is creating a two-track system

    University rankings don’t seem to benefit graduates and can have adverse implications for academic staff, argue Singapore Management University’s ...
  7. Sim Ann speech at SMU

    New retail knowledge-sharing hub to give businesses a boost

  8. SMU condom promo

    SMU student club recalls condom promotion email