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  1. File photo of a black rat snake

    'Definitely weird': Man in India bites snake in revenge

  2. Three-eyed Australian snake

    Three-eyed snake found on highway near Australian city of Darwin

  3. Indonesian police interrogate a man using a snake

    Indonesian police apologise for interrogating Papuan man with snake

  4. python

    Indonesian woman swallowed by giant python

  5. Baby silhouette

    Indian toddler dies from mother's 'snake bite' breast milk

  6. snake in ipoh

    2-year-old boy in Perak bitten by cobra while asleep: Reports

  7. snake in loyang 2

    1.5m-python found at townhouse in Changi

  8. Python captured in Bukit Batok

    Python on Bukit Batok lamp-post captured

  9. Asia Default Image

    Savage snake attacks: 5 shocking incidents in Southeast Asia

  10. endangered veiled chameleon

    Woman fined S$6,900 for keeping exotic wildlife

    The animals are currently in the care of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.