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  1. Tah Ching Road lift accident

    Commentary: Taking a lift can be even more awkward during COVID-19

    Riding an elevator with a group of strangers has always been a little bit awkward but thanks to the new unspoken rules of lift etiquette, it has ...
  2. Gardening shears

    Commentary: Stop stealing my plants!

    Plant theft is not just a real and growing issue in Singapore, affecting scores of individuals, organisations, businesses and public parks, says ...
  3. is your child quiet inhibited overly shy anxiety disorder

    Commentary: The introverts among us can’t deal with Phase 2 yet

    After almost three months of stasis, Singapore families are cautiously re-emerging from homes but that process has been surprisingly challenging ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Singapore

    Commentary: In Singapore, laws are necessary for trickle-down policies to work

    Self-seeking behaviour can undermine well-intended measures as COVID-19 shows, says Eugene K B Tan.