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  1. Senior Alliance Central CDC clean up

    Commentary: What youths who volunteer can teach us

    Volunteerism reinforces a sense of identity, purpose and belonging which is why so many youths volunteer, says non-profit organisation head ...
  2. Imam Nalla outside court

    Imam Nalla case a 'timely reminder' of how words can undermine cohesion: Yaacob

    "Words matter and words that cause mistrust and apprehension among the various communities have no place in Singapore", says the ...
  3. PM Lee at AGC

    Upholding rule of law key to Singapore’s survival: PM Lee

    Emphasising the rule of law is a “vital national interest” for a small country like Singapore, and helped Singapore to distinguish itself from ...
  4. Indonesian suicide bomber nanny Singapore

    5 maids in Singapore investigated for radicalism in past 2 years

    The five, who were among 70 foreigners investigated, did not pose an imminent security threat, the Home Affairs Ministry says.
  5. New Content Item

    Important to build stronger levels of trust in the community: DPM Teo

    "In this time, in our region and around the world, conflicts arising from differences in race and religion are rife. So let us treasure the ...